The City of Springfield will be accepting sealed bids for drainage improvements on Oakwood Drive in Springfield, Georgia. The work shall consist of furnishing all products and equipment and performing all labor necessary to perform the following:

Drainage improvements including storm pipe installation, headwalls, ditch inlet, rock rip-rap, grading, clearing and grubbing, and grassing/mulching.

Sealed bids will be received at Springfield City Hall, 130 S. Laurel Street, Post Office Box 1, Springfield, GA 31329, until 2:00 p.m., Thursday, July 30, 2020, at which time all properly received bids will be opened and publicly read. Bids received after the deadline will be rejected and returned unopened. No Bid may be withdrawn after the closing time for the receipt of bids for a period of sixty (60) days.

Bids must be typed or printed in ink. Bids submitted as a result of this invitation must be submitted on the Bid Form provided and returned in a sealed envelope marked “Sealed Bid: Oakwood Drive Drainage Improvements”. Bids may be mailed, or hand delivered and will be received by the following:
City of Springfield
Attn: Amber Dyson, Finance Director
130 S. Laurel Street * P.O. Box 1
Springfield, GA 31329

There will be no pre-bid conference. Any questions that may arise from this invitation should be submitted in writing to the Finance Director by email at It shall be the bidder’s responsibility to seek clarification as early as possible prior to the time of bid opening. Any discussions or documents pertaining to questions asked will be considered non-binding unless incorporated and promulgated in an addendum.

Plans, Specifications and Bidding documents may be obtained from Parker Engineering, LLC, upon payment of a $75.00 non-refundable fee per set. Bidders are cautioned that acquisition of bidding documents through any other source other than Parker Engineering, LLC is not advisable. Bidders not on the official bid list will not receive updated bidding information, including addenda.

The City of Springfield provides equal opportunity for all business and does not discriminate against any person or business because of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, political affiliation, family relations, handicap or veteran status. This policy ensures all segments of the business community have access to supplying the goods and services needed by the City of Springfield.

The City of Springfield reserves the right to reject any or all Bids and to waive informalities, including without limitation, the rights to reject any or all nonconforming, non-responsive, unbalanced or conditional Bids and to reject the Bid of any Bidder in the City believes that it would not be in the best interest of the Project to make an award to that Bidder, whether because the Bid is not responsible or the Bidder is unqualified or of doubtful financial ability or fails to meet any other pertinent standards or criteria established by the City.

Owner: City of Springfield
130 South Laurel St., P.O. Box 1
Springfield, GA 31329
Phone: 912-754-7617
Contact: Amber L. Dyson, Finance Director

Engineer: Parker Engineering, LLC
36 Courtland Street, Suite B
Statesboro, GA 30458
Phone: 912-764-7722
Contact: Lindsey Thomas