Public Notice- Alcohol License Application

Notice is hereby given that Katyani 2 LLC has applied to the City of Springfield, GA for issuance of an alcohol license for Retail Package Sales of Malt Beverages & Wine for the following business:

                                                                                     Springfield BP

                                                                                     725 McCall Rd

                                                                               Springfield, GA 31329

A Public Hearing to receive public comments, reference this alcohol license request, will be held on August 8, 2023 at 6:00 p.m. Any interested parties are encouraged to attend the public hearings to speak for or against these items. Questions can be directed to the City Clerk at Springfield City Hall by calling (912) 754-7617.

 A Council Meeting will follow the close of the public hearing during which the application will be considered for approval by Council.

All public hearings and meetings will be held in the Springfield Council Room located at 130 S. Laurel Street (located between Springfield City Hall and Springfield Police Department).