Starting a Business

Wanting to open a new Business? We would love to help! People are often confused and don’t know where to start. This page will hopefully help you understand the process of starting a new business in Springfield.  More information can be found at City Hall and the administrative staff can help answer any questions you have.

step 1

Zoning District


Zoning districts were created to regulated land use. For this reason, not all businesses are allowed on any given property. In addition, some zoning districts may have stricter rules regarding certain aspects of doing business.  Before you begin, make sure you check the Zoning Map and the Code of Ordinances. The best way to be sure of your zoning is to contact the City directly and request a zoning verification letter.

step 2 

Business License


All those doing business in the City of Springfield will be required to have a business license. License can be applied for at City Hall and take approximately seven days to process. License fees are determined by the number of employees and are renewed each January.

Step 3

Building Permit & CO

If you plan to build a new structure or renovate/repair and existing building, you will need to get a Building Permit. Applications are available at City Hall and are required any time there is a change to any of the building systems, including structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing. Once the work is completed and inspected and Certificate of Occupancy (CO) can be issued and the business can be opened to the public.

Step 4

Water & Sewer Service

Most commercial properties in the City of Springfield will have water and sewer service provided by the City. If you are building on a new lot, we may need to run additional lines to your location. If new infrastructure is needed we can meet with you to plan the most efficient and cost effective way get service to your site. This will closely related to your Building Permit Application. 

If you are renovating an existing building or if your lot already has service, we will need you to fill out a New Service Application to set up your account and get the service in your name. At this time we will also confirm that your water and sewer system can accommodate your business use. 

Step 5


Per the City Code of Ordinances, all signage must be approved. Especially in the downtown district. Signage requirements and restrictions can vary depending on your zoning district.  Sign Permit Applications can be found at City Hall. Fees for sign permits are only charged if construction inspections are required, or if the sign persents a hazard to public safety. 

Common Questions

Can I apply for a Business License online?

Business License applications can be downloaded from this website but cannot be completed online. Please contact the City Clerk with questions regarding the business license application process.

How to I check my Zoning?

The Zoning Map is posted at City Hall and made availabe on our website. Zoning verification can be requested by contacting City Hall.