Public Notice

The City of Springfield Planning and Zoning Board will hold public hearings with meeting immediately following close of the public hearings on
July 1, 2024 beginning at 6:00pm.

The City of Springfield Mayor and Council will hold public hearings, with regular meeting immediately following the close of the public hearings on

July 9, 2024 beginning at 6:00pm.

The above-mentioned public hearings will be held to receive comments on the following items:  

1. Rezoning of all parcels within the City of Springfield Currently designated as R-2, Residential District to one of the following designations:

R-1, Single Family Residential District
R-4, Single Family Residential District
R-2A, Duplex Residential District

Click Here for Full List of Properties

    2. Request for Rezoning of Parcels S115-2TPO and S115-2D located near Lily Way and GA Hwy 21 S. from B-1 and R-1 Zoning Designations to R-4 Zoning Designation.

    3. Proposed Amendments to Code of Ordinances Chapter 116, Subdivisions regarding required improvements and definitions of subdivisions types based on lot numbers.

      Any interested parties are encouraged to attend the public hearings to speak for or against these items. Questions can be directed to the Zoning Office at Springfield City Hall by calling (912) 754-7617.

      All public hearings and meetings will be held in the Springfield Council Room located at 130 S. Laurel Street (located between Springfield City Hall and Springfield Police Department).