The City of Springfield hereby gives notice that the City of Springfield will hold a public meeting on January 9, 2024 at 6PM in the Springfield City Hall at 130 South Laurel Street, Springfield, Georgia 31329.

The purposes of the public meeting are to:

  1. Inform the public of the need for improvements to the City’s water system.
  2. To comply with Section 391-3-6-.02 of Georgia’s Water Quality Control Rules (and amendments thereto).
  3. To encourage public involvement in the development of a plan to improve the water system.

The public meeting will attempt to identify public preferences for alternative methods of improving the City’s water facilities. These alternatives will be evaluated and included in the City’s Facilities Plan and Environmental Information Document, the major planning document covering the water system.

Public participation is considered essential to the selection and development of the final plan to be adopted prior to its approval by the State of Georgia, Department of Natural Resources.