comprehensive plan

2025 Five Year Plan Update

 The City of Springfield Comprehensive Plan is a resource that outlines the vision and goals the City hopes to achieve and helps to guide staff and officials in their decision making process.  A good plan with proper implementation helps to ensure the City is working towards achieving it’s goals, both short-term and long-term.

The City of Springfield is currently working on an update to the City Comprehensive Plan, a process it undertakes every 5 years. We encourage the public to join us in this planning process by evaluating our previous planning strategies and goals and offering suggestions on how we can make adjustments to our Comprehensive Plan that reflect the changes we have seen in Springfield over the last 5 years.   

Below are links to the 2020 Comprehensive Plan documents for review and a listing of public hearings and meetings where we will be evaluating the 2020 plan update and discussing the new 2025 plan update. There are also links to surveys and documents that can be submitted to provide feedback. 

View 2020 Joint Comp Plan

The 2020 Plan update was completed as a joint effort with Effingham County, Springfield, Rincon, and Guyton. Click the link above to download the 2020 Comp Plan.

2020 Vision and Goals

Use this worksheet to view the 2020 Goals. Did we achieve this goal? Is this goal still relevant? Click the link above to view the worksheet, or use the survey linked below.

2020 Needs and Opportunities

Use this worksheet to view the 2020 Needs and Opportunities. What can we add based on the changes we’ve seen? Click above to download the worksheet or use the survey linked below.

Public Hearings & Feedback


Public Hearings will be held at Springfield City Hall to give citizens an opportunity to offer opinions on the current Comprehensive Plan, The process of updating the Plan,  and what needs to be included in the new Comprehensive Plan. Online surveys and email feedback will be accepted as well.  

  • Public Hearings to discuss Current Comp. Plan:
    May 16th at 6:00pm /  May 21st at 6:00pm
  • Public Hearings to review Updated Comp. Plan:
    July 11th at 6:00pm / July 18th at 6:00pm

Committee & Council Meetings


The Stakeholders, Steering Committee and the City Council will meet regularly to review the public comments and discuss suggestions and revisions to be included in the New Comp. Plan. These meetings will be open to the public, however public comment will not be allowed unless requested.

  • Stakeholder meeting dates:
    May 23rd at 6pm /  June 6th at 6pm / July 25th at 6pm
  • City Council/Steering Committee Workshops dates:
    May 30th at 6pm  /  June 18th at 6pm / Aug 6th at 6pm

Email Feedback

You can submit feeback on the current or new plan by emailing [email protected]. Copies of the current plan are linked above.

Survey Response

You can provide feedback of our current Comp Plan by clicking using the survey links below. Draft Plan will be available in July.

Printed Feedback

The worksheets linked above can be printed, filled out and dropped off in the City Hall after hours dropbox or lobby.


Questions about the Comprehensive Planning Process?

Phone: 912-754-7617

Email: [email protected]